Saturday, October 11, 2014

GRAND2GRAND ULTRA - What an Adventure!

It's been 2 week since the end of the G2G. I haven't been updating my blog in a while but this time I felt the urge to share a piece of what I considered a wonderful Adventure. There is so much to tell: Great Stories, Unforgettable Moments, Joy, Tears and Laughter... but this time, instead of writing a typical Race Report, I decided to post a note I wrote the last night of the Race, in our tent underneath a thundering sky:

     "There are things in life that for a reason or another tend to define our true self. It's hard to describe but those moments inevitably carve a very special spot in out minds that leave indelible traces worth memories of a lifetime.
      It's 4am of Saturday September 27th. The last stage of the Grand2Grand Ultra is only hours away as I find myself staring at the rare stillness of camp. All my fellow runners are asleep. It's quiet and it's cold. The big thunderstorm that hit us last night is still very much hovering around us but a break through the clouds above my head shows a majestic view of the milky way.
I find myself overwhelmed with a river of emotions.
     Most people out there cannot and perhaps will never understand the reasons that brought 104 Ultra Runners from all around the globe to challenge themselves through 170 miles of relentless running, unsupported, into one of the most beautiful yet grueling landscapes on the planet.
G2G is considered one of the hardest events in the world and often we are questioned why we do it. Why would you put yourself through so much harshness and pain?
My first answer would be, it's about the simplicity of life and the wonderful feeling of accomplishment when we cross that finish line. Sought after day after day.
It's pure joy, and sharing that joy together goes far beyond the competitiveness of the event itself.
I crawl back into my tent with teary eyes knowing that today would be the last leg of our journey. It's the Community that made it so special to me.
It's been a wonderful journey, a real adventure. An experience I will never forget. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed I had the opportunity to share all if it with some of the best people I've ever met. The friendship through harshness and the solid bonds this race has created are bound to last a lifetime.
      My thoughts go out to my wonderful tent mates and to all the tough runners at Camp! To all the crew members who dedicated their time and efforts and worked relentlessly day in and day out to help us reach our dreams! And of course to the incomparable support of the people of Kanab, and to Tess and Colin Geddes, the kindest and most fun race directors I've met!
      It was all their hard work that made it possible and gave us the opportunity to conquer an unfathomable goal. We all lived in the simplest and rawest of conditions through strength and tenacity, from the first to the last I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making this race an unforgettable experience."

Ok ok, maybe I got too emotional but hey...
Anyway, Matt Brown and the other photographers did a fantastic job tracking and chasing us through all kind of terrain. It would be a shame not to share some of their outstanding work:
Start of Stage 1 - Grand Canyon North Rim

Finish Line - Stage 6

See you next time!